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Tank or Tankless- You Decide!

Aloha Plumbing wants to help create the most functional environment for your home. We created a list of some pros and cons of switching from a standard water heater tank to a tankless water heater system and you are the judge of which you think is more beneficial.

So, What is a Tankless Water Heater?

A tankless water heater is a water heater that instantly heats the water as it flows through the device, and does not retain any water internally except for what is in the heat exchanger coil.

Why Should You Care?

Simple. It is a pricey initial investment but comes with many benefits that will wind up saving you money down the road. If this interests you, let me run you through some pros of switching to tankless.


1. Space- if you are trying to save space, tankless is for you. These small boxes mount to your wall, saving you the hassle of dancing around a regular water heater.

2. Energy- Looking to save the planet? Tankless water heaters use about 30-50% less energy than homes with normal water tanks.

3. Lifespan- If you want your water heater to live longer than you, a tankless water heater survives twice as long as your standard water heater!

4. Models- There are electric and gas models available to fit your personal needs in a tankless.

5. Money- It is an expensive investment, but you are ultimately saving more money by not having constant repairs and replacements that come with a regular water tank.

Now, on the flip side of that, any great product comes with its cons To assure our customers the honest service they deserve, we will list five cons of a tankless water heater.


1.Cost- As mentioned, the upfront cost is significant. The reasoning for the high cost is the special venting system that does not come with a regular water heater.

2. Lack of Water Production- While tankless water heaters produce a continuous flow of hot water, they often can’t produce enough hot water for multiple uses or larger households. You will run into issues with this if you are looking to run a shower at the same time as the dishwasher.

3. Solar- Tankless does save you energy, but other competitors such as solar water heaters can be seen as more reliable.

We hope this helped you see your options and inspired you to further research tankless vs. tank water heaters!

Decided to go tankless? Call Aloha Plumbing for honest and affordable installs and quotes!

Phone: (909)213-2806


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